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After the death of a friend or family member, it can be quite an ordeal to have to sort out all of their paperwork.

The amount of work can be daunting even where everything is in good order, but sometimes it just seems too much even to make a start. Some people may find that it helps with the grieving process, but often it is an unwelcome and worrying inconvenience.

If there is just one aspect of the estate administration that is worrying you then we can look after that, or alternatively you can bring in boxes of papers and leave us to deal with everything. Either way you will receive the same high standard of care. You will have face to face meetings with friendly and approachable qualified lawyers and support staff. We will make sure that we understand what you want, and then explain clearly what needs to be done.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with estates of all sizes, from those where there are multiple properties and investments to those where there seems to be nothing but debts. Over the years we have established good relationships with valuers, auctioneers, land agents, stockbrokers and house clearers, so whatever other expert help you need, we can take care of it. If complications or disputes arise we have lawyers who can provide further specialist advice (see Probate Disputes).

You will receive clear and regular updates, and at the end a full account of everything we have done. As always, we will explain our charges before the work starts, and in some cases can work to a fixed fee.


Our service:

- Registering death and liaising with undertakers

- Contacting insurance companies, banks, company registrars etc

- Tracing and contacting beneficiaries

- Arranging insurance of unoccupied properties

- Arranging valuations of houses, antiques, shares, land and farms

- Advertising for creditors

- Searching for missing assets

- Providing lists of assets and debts for executors and beneficiaries

- Completing and submitting Inheritance Tax forms

- Applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration

- Cashing in assets

- Carrying out bankruptcy searches on beneficiaries

- Paying creditors and beneficiaries

- Selling or transferring shares and investments

- Selling or transferring houses or land

- Dealing with underpaid or overpaid pensions or benefits

- Finalising Income Tax

- Estate Accounts

- Tax certificates for beneficiaries


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