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Disputes about the ownership and occupation of a property can take on many different forms.

But whether the property is occupied as your home, owned as an investment or occupied by a business, a common factor is that property disputes are usually a source of great stress and unhappiness, and unless tackled the problem rarely goes away.

Many property disputes can be narrowed down to questions of legal rights and duties so good advice early on will almost certainly save you time and money.

We are committed to finding practical and cost-effective solutions for you. Fiona Hughes specialises in property litigation, is fully qualified, and employs her broad range of knowledge and experience to explain the issues and give you an independent and objective view on your situation. She will then carefully guide you step by step through the legal process of asserting your property rights and resolving your dispute.

Our advice is helpful and easy to understand. It can often be given over the telephone, without the need for a face to face meeting if you wish. We will also give you full information about the likely costs and provide regular updates.

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Our service covers:

- Landlord's recovery of possession of a property let to a tenant, including serving the correct notice to quit and if necessary applying to the court for an order to obtain possession

- Advising Tenants in relation to an application by their Landlord for possession of a property - including advice about the recovery of deposits and the tenancy deposit protection scheme

- Advising commercial Landlords - including bringing a claim for arrears of rent or other breach of covenant or terminating a business tenancy

- Protecting the often complex rights of commercial Tenants and making sure that the terms of the Lease are correctly applied - including requesting the renewal of a business tenancy

- Neighbour disputes - including 'access orders' over neighbouring land to allow repairs to your own property where access has been refused

- Boundary disputes - including obtaining injunctions through the court system or referrals to the adjudicator at the Land Registry

- Contested rights of way

- Removal of trespassers

- Claiming or defending alleged rights of occupation

- Misrepresentation on the sale of a property


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