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Family law

Expert and confidential help when you need it most.

Confidential and expert help.

The practice of Family Law is like no other area of the legal profession. 

We meet clients at a time when they are often in distress, vulnerable and not always able to make decisions for their family’s future. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves on professional but sympathetic and friendly approach to our work. 

We aim to resolve disputes in a non-confrontational and constructive way and to give comprehensive, straightforward advice. 

Where couples have been able to negotiate their own agreements to deal with relationship breakdown, divorce, child care and financial matters, we can help implement them to ensure legal clarity. Where agreement is not possible we can advise, guide and help clients during the decision making process.

We can also help couples embarking upon new relationships, whether these are to live together, bring up their children together, marry or buy property together. We offer legal 

and practical advice on matters that should be considered before embarking on these new relationships, helping to guard against possible failure in the future.

We offer an initial free twenty minute appointment to give general advice and information, so our clients can consider their position before going further. Whenever we are instructed we will give as much information as possible about the likely costs and timescale of the work involved.


Our service covers:

• Divorce and Relationship Breakdown

• Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

• Children Matters

• Financial Matters

• Applications between Cohabitees

• Judicial Separation

• Separation Deeds

• Pre-Nuptial Agreements

• Living Together Agreements