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Legal rights and obligations are continually changing as each year brings new and updated legislation.

When a dispute arises you need to be able to talk to someone with the expertise to understand the legal technicalities, but who will explain your options clearly and without confusing jargon.

All our lawyers are fully qualified and have the experience to guide you through what can be a worrying and stressful time. We provide straightforward and professional legal advice to both businesses and individuals to clarify the issues and offer an independent viewpoint.

We will always risk assess each matter and will provide advice as to whether and how to take the matter forward so you know where you stand from the start. We will also give you full information about the likely costs and provide regular updates.

Our advice is helpful and easy to understand. It can often be given over the telephone, without the need for a face to face meeting if you wish.

As we are a local high street firm, using our services will be considerably more cost-effective than using many larger firms. You will also benefit from our local knowledge and access to a wide network of independent professionals and experts.


Our areas of expertise:

- Consumer protection, for example where you have bought goods or services that are not as expected
- Contract disputes for individuals and businesses, any type of contract from hiring warehouse space to selling a caravan
- Building disputes, often quite technical in nature and involving many different aspects, for example a dispute over new windows being fitted, an extension being built or a whole property development
- Debt recovery and credit control, very often regarding the late payment of invoices for goods or services rendered


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