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Expert help when you need it.

Accidents can cost serious money.

You may be unable to work or have to make changes to your home and lifestyle following an injury. Windeatts can help get you the compensation you need to make up for injury following all kinds of accidents including those on the road, in the workplace, at home or on holiday.

We work on a 'no win no fee' basis.

Your initial meeting with us, where we look at your case and decide whether we can make a claim, will be free.

Windeatts offers a local, personal service from lawyers with many years' experience in personal injury law and litigation. Our qualified lawyers will carry out all the work on your case personally, rather than supervising unqualified members of staff. You will receive a top quality and consistent service that you can trust.

We believe face to face meetings and good communication are vital to achieve a positive outcome and you can only do this by choosing a local firm.

You will have the same lawyer throughout your case, who will keep you up to date with developments. You can pop in and see them when it suits you, which is crucial at what can be a stressful time.

Following reforms to rules governing compensation for road traffic accidents, Windeatts uses a new online portal designed by lawyers and insurers to make claims faster and more efficient. Where you are not at fault, we can act fast and you should receive your full compensation in months rather than years.

If you have a legal expenses insurance policy, please be aware that you can choose any lawyer to take on your case - you do not have to choose one nominated by your insurers who may be located far away and who you may never meet.

If you think you might have a case, please drop in and have a chat. Personal, local service at no cost to you.


Our commitment to you:

- Initial free consultation

- No win no fee

- Local, qualified and personal service

- We will keep you updated throughout the course of your claim

- We will handle your entire claim from beginning to end

- We can arrange treatment and rehabilitation on your behalf

Our areas of expertise:

- Accidents at work

- Road traffic accidents

- Slips and trips

- Accidents on holiday

- Defective products

- Medical and dental accidents


"We want to make sure you receive the highest quality service from people that care"




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